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Few prospects are as frightening to graduate school candidates as taking the GRE. From an admissions perspective, your concern is not without merit. After years of hard work, your odds of getting into a top-tier program may ultimately hinge on your performance on this marathon, one-day exam. Not surprisingly, the marketplace is filled with books, tapes, CDs and training classes for the GRE. Despite the differences in format and price, the underlying approach for these products is eerily similar; students are advised to read an 800- page book, memorize several thousand vocabulary words and review every math topic known to man.

Sadly, the results of this marathon approach are rarely successful. Even worse, this tedious cramming is largely unnecessary. Although the GRE requires an excellent math background and a fairly sophisticated vocabulary, it is a highly predictable test that uses the same type of questions (and the same clues and traps) over and over again. For diligent test takers, this predictability offers a great competitive advantage, if you know how to harness it.

Ironically, most GRE guides do NOT teach their readers how to do this. In fact, from our perspective, the most popular books are as onerous and intimidating as the exam itself. Although many of them offer helpful suggestions, the typical test taker does not have the time to wade through hours of sample exams (with overly easy “mock” questions), to get to the most usable and practical advice. Far too often, students toss the guides aside after a few hundred pages, without getting the details they need to attain a top score. Inevitably, they walk out of the GRE frustrated and disappointed, wishing there had been a better way to prepare for such a life-changing exam.

Ultimately, that is why we wrote the following efficient, well-organzied publications - there IS a better way to conquer the GRE without driving yourself crazy. To learn more about these guides - and to view sample excerpts from each - click on the links below. Then, order the publications that are right for you:

Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE™*: Secrets and Strategies the Test Writers Don’t Want You to Know
(ISBN 9781933819334)


Math Word Problems for the GRE™: When Plugging Numbers into Formulas Just Isn't Enough
(ISBN: 9781933819372)



1,001 Questions & Answers for the GRE
(ISBN 9781933819426)


The Toughest GRE Practice Test We've Ever Seen (Volume 1)

(ISBN 9781933819457)




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