Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE™*:
Secrets and Strategies the Test Writers Don’t Want You to Know





Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE™*:
Secrets and Strategies the Test
Writers Don’t Want You to Know

(ISBN 9781933819332)



Math Word Problems for the
:When Plugging Numbers
into Formulas Just Isn't Enough

(ISBN: 9781933819372)



1,001 Questions & Answers
for the GRE

(ISBN 9781933819426)



The Toughest GRE Practice
Test We've Ever Seen
(Volume 1)

(ISBN 9781933819457)


For students who lack the time, money, and inclination to read an 800-page guide or complete an expensive test preparation class, we offer a shorter, cheaper, and more direct approach to GRE preparation.

Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE: Secrets and Strategies the Test Writers Don’t Want You to Know (ISBN 9781933819332) provides the most important tips and strategies that you will need to know to get a top score; it also gives practical advice to help you conquer the typical traps and pitfalls that the test takers will inevitably throw your way.

At this point, you may be wondering if you really need our publication. Throughout your life, your firends and professors have told you that the only secret to acing the GRE is being a whiz in the classroom; if you can read fast and handle complex math topics, you will do OK. From our experience, they were only half right. In actuality, getting a top score on the GRE hinges on TWO factors:

a. Knowing the material that the exam is designed to test b. Knowing the tricks of the test writers, who tend to ask the same types of questions, with the same types of traps and pitfalls, the same way on every exam

As a student, you spent years in school to master the grammatical and mathematical concepts that are tested on the GRE. And, in most cases, there were no tricks or shortcuts to learning them. But the GRE is a one-of-a-kind beast that will test these concepts in ways you have never seen before. It will also confuse and trick you in ways that you never dreamed possible. That's why so many "great" students perform poorly on the GRE; they were blindsided by the tricks and traps of the test writers.

Thankfully, you can conquer this aspect of the test far easier - and faster - than you learned basic grammer and math. With our guide, you will learn the the tricks of the test writers (and develop a plan to tackle them) in just a few days. From our perspective, it is an indispensable step in GRE preparation.

That being said, we absolutely do NOT want to mislead you about your specific chances for success on the GRE. No ethical author or publication can guarantee that a reader will get a perfect score if (s)he follows a particular strategy or approach. Your performance on the GRE will depend, to a certain extent, on factors that are beyond our control, such as your:

1. ability to read and comprehend dense passages quickly and critically
2. overall math and geometry skills
3. extemporaneous writing skills
4. working vocabulary
5. basic command of grammar and punctuation
6. tenacity and stamina on timed exams

Each student brings a unique set of skills and talents to the exam; as a result, GRE questions that are hard for one student may be incredibly easy for another. This is why most one-size-fits-all approaches to GRE preparation are inherently doomed to fail.

And that’s why we’ve taken a different approach in Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE, which every student can use to his/her advantage. Although we have compiled an impressive amount of information in our appendices (including a review of grammar and math basics and an assortment of vocabulary tools), our goal is NOT simply to teach you grammar or math. Instead, we are going to teach you the test itself, including the tricks, traps and pitfalls that the GRE writers use to confuse, distract and otherwise deflect your efforts to answer the questions correctly.

Our goal? To help you conquer the GRE, whoever you are, whatever your background, however you choose to prepare for the exam. Like most battles, preparation and skills are only half the equation. The other half is knowing your target, warts and all, before you enter the battlefield.

How significant is this guide? Until now, we have NEVER endorsed a particular preparation strategy for the GRE, because of the many flaws that each system entails, such as high cost, incorrect focus, and needless memorization. Over the years, we've watched too many well-meaning students take that road..... with disappointing results.

Instead, after careful deliberation, we have opted to publish our OWN strategic guide for students who want critical insight into the GRE. From our experience, few students can achieve a top score without knowing - and mastering - the test writers' tricks, traps, and pitfalls. However you choose to prepare for the GRE, our guide should be an integral part of your program.

Want to learn more? We are proud to offer Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE in both electronic and paperback format.

To order a paperback version of the publication for $15.99 (plus shipping), which will be delivered to your door, please click here. The site accepts all major credit cards.

To order the electronic (PDF) version of the publication for $15.99, please click here. When you place your order, you can immediately download the document and save it to your computer for future use - and print your own copy, if desired.

Note: For security reasons, the electronic version of this product is no longer available for immediate download from our server. Instead, we will send it to you via email when we receive your order. Our delivery hours are 8 am - 8 pm (Eastern time), 7 days per week.



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