The Toughest GRE Practice Test We've Ever Seen




Guerrilla Tactics for the GRE™*:
Secrets and Strategies the Test
Writers Don’t Want You to Know

(ISBN 9781933819332)



Math Word Problems for the
:When Plugging Numbers
into Formulas Just Isn't Enough

(ISBN: 9781933819372)



1,001 Questions & Answers
for the GRE

(ISBN 9781933819426)


The Toughest GRE Practice
Test We've Ever Seen
(Volume 1)

(ISBN 9781933819457)


If you've read our companion publications, you know that the GRE tests the same concepts over and over again - and presents the same tricks, traps, and pitfalls on every exam. The questions on this "tough test" are the worst of the bunch because they are confusing, tedious, time-consuming……and difficult to assess. For the average student, they are the ones that you either "skip" in the interest of time or simply "guess" because you don't know how to approach them (or you got stuck somewhere in the verbiage). They are the annoying questions that keep you up at night because you know in your heart that you should have gotten them right.

Relax. That's what this exam is for - to show you the worst that the GRE will throw at you, with a complete explanation and plan of attack for every problem. Our best recommendation is to tackle this exam AFTER you have read our other publications, reviewed all of the concepts on the test, and completed hundreds of sample problems. Otherwise, there's a good chance these questions will overwhelm you and possibly breed discouragement, which is definitely not our goal.

Instead, we want you to tackle this exam from a position of strength (rather than weakness), which you can only do if you are fully prepared for the battle. Take the time to review the concepts on the GRE and to learn the typical tricks, traps and pitfalls that the test writers are most likely to use. Then, take this mock exam under actual testing conditions. Go to a quiet place where you can work without interruption. Set a timer to the exact limit for each section - and adhere to it. Finally, limit yourself to the same resources you will be allowed to use at the test center. Your goal is to duplicate the testing conditions that you will encounter at the actual GRE.

At the end of each section, we present a comprehensive answer key (including explanations) for every question. Use this mock exam to:

a. analyze your strengths
b. overcome your deficiencies
c. master the tricks and traps of each section of the exam
d. get the score you deserve

For an exam this important, why leave your preparation to chance?

We are proud to offer The Toughtest GRE Practice Test We've Ever Seen (Volume 1) in both electronic and paperback format.

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