Math Word Problems for the GRE™:
When Plugging Numbers into Formulas Just Isn't Enough




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Math Word Problems for the
:When Plugging Numbers
into Formulas Just Isn't Enough

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Far too often, students offer the same excuse for scoring poorly on the quantitative section of the GRE: I understand the theory, but I can't solve word problems. Sad to say, but in the world of standardized tests, this is analogous to saying that you know the alphabet, but you can't speak in sentences.

Getting a top score on the GRE requires far more than plugging numbers into formulas. You need to be able to apply your mathematical skills to convoluted word problems that test your ability to read clearly, interpret quickly, and determine the optimal plan of attack. Most importantly, you need to be ready for the typical tricks and traps that the GRE writers use over and over again to snag unsuspecting students.

Math Word Problems for the GRE™: When Plugging Numbers into Formulas Just Isn't Enough (ISBN: 9781933819372) takes a common sense approach to preparing for the quantitative section of the GRE - it presents EVERY topic in the form of word problems, which range from basic to complex. We will test your knowledge (and speed) on every topic from addition to probability, including all of those annoying word problems involving mixtures, ages, rates, and geometry. Use this book to fill in the gaps - and to find creative ways to solve killer problems without breaking a sweat.

From our perspective (after reviewing numerous versions of the GRE), the quantitative section is designed to test your ability to solve problems, rather than your mathematical knowledge. The questions lean heavily toward word problems that apply mathematical formulas in real-world applications, such as calculating:

1. the interest on a loan
2. a price or salary increase
3. travel times and speeds
4. a convoluted work schedule

The challenge with word problems is that you are not simply given an equation to solve. Instead, you must translate the verbal information into a mathematical relationship and solve for an unknown. To do so, you must know what you are being asked - and be able to find the answer quickly and accurately. Because the questions are not presented in any particular order or context, you must know when plugging in numbers is - and is not - enough.

From our experience, students who achieve a top score on the GRE take a three-prong approach to the quantitative section of the exam. They understand:

1. the underlying mathematical concepts
2. the tricks, traps and pitfalls that the test writers use
3. how to USE the information in 1 and 2 to solve practical word problems

Without a doubt, steps 2 and 3 are the difference between a good score and a great one. Sadly, they are also the areas in which most test prep programs fall embarrassingly short. This publication is designed to fill the critical gap between theory and application. We are going to teach you how to tackle the 25 different types of math word problems that appear on the GRE…. and how to handle the typical tricks, traps, and pitfalls that the test writers will use to confuse you.

Want to learn more? We are proud to offer Math Word Problems for the GRE in both electronic and paperback format.

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